Alison Day (Batty) and Billie-June Tonsgard (Batt-ette)
from the 2001 Janice D. Holst Dancing School production, "Fern Gully"

Statistics (8-23-04)

  • Given name: Billie-June Marie Tonsgard
  • DOB: October 2, 1988
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 120 lb
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde

  • Productions

  • "Fern Gully" (July 2001)  -  Janice D. Holst   -  "Batt-ette"

  • "A Bouquet of Dance" (May 2001)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  Hip-hop, jazz, lyrical and ballet dances

  • "The Return of the Grumpsicle" (December 2000) - Janice D. Holst - Tap, lyrical, hip-hop, jazz, 2 line ballet numbers, and ballet solo; plus "Leona the Happy Lion"

  • "The Wizard of Oz" (June 2000)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  "Cowardly Lion"/"Glenda the good witch"

  • "An Evening of Dance" (May 2000)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  Ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and lyrical numbers

  • "The 27th Annual Singing Christmas Tree" (December 1999)  -  Honey Bee Anderson  -  Lyrical line dance

  • "Dancers Against Drugs" (Red Ribbon Week 1999)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  "Miss Alcohol" plus tap, lyrical and jazz line dances

  • "Alice In Wonderland" (June 1999)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  "Cheshire Cat"

  • "A Blast From the Past" (December 1998)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  Jazz line dance, jazz solo, ballet and tap line dances

  • "Aladdin" (July 1998)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  "Pablo" the parrot (jazz duet)

  • "Mystery Under the Big Top" (December 1997)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  Orphan line/"Hard Knock Life" song; tap solo, jazz, tap and ballet line dances

  • "The Aristocats" (June 1997)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  "Thomas O'Malley" plus jazz solo

  • "It Could Happen" (January 1997)  -  Alyssa Horn  -  "Raider 8"(demon)

  • "The Grumpsicle Meets King Midas" (December 1996)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  Ballet and jazz line dances

  • "The Grumpsicle Roams the High Seas" (December 1995)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  Tap and ballet line dances

  • "The Grumpsicle Meets the Dollmaker" (December 1994)  -  Janice D. Holst  -  Lyrical and tap line dances

  • Benefit shows too numerous to mention during Flag, Valentines, St. Patrick's and Mother's Days, Fourth of July parades, Christmas parties, and dance demonstrations.

  • Workshops

  • Bravo "On With The Show" - (September 2001) - Intense 2-day workshop followed by a final presentation

  • Special Skills

    Dance (ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip-hop), cheerleading, biking, rollerblading, target shooting, swimming (Red Cross level VII), horseback riding, computer literate, feel at home on stage.


  • Born: Bartlett Memorial Hospital, Juneau, Alaska at 5:58 p.m.

  • Favorite color: Pink

  • Favorite food: Chinese & Mexican, but I'm not finicky!

  • Favorite drink: Lipton Raspberry Tea

  • Favorite things to do: Dance and perform, socialize with friends, listen to and collect music, travel, theatre and the ballet

  • Favorite school subject: Literature

  • Here we are, being bats.

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