What is the World Championships of Performing Arts? It is an annual gathering of performers--actors, dancers, models, singers and comedians--who, after being screened by talent scouts in their area, come to the worldwide event in the fall to perform for judges and compete against one another for gold, silver or bronze medals. It is a wonderful time to meet people of the world, to watch various performances, and to learn from the other contestants.

Here I intend to give you a run-down of events I've competed in each year and what the outcome was.


I competed in the age group 8-10 for runway and photo modeling,
and for jazz and tap dance.

Clip of my tap routine

Jazz: Silver medal

     Photo model: Silver


I competed in the age group 8-10 in jazz, lyrical,
variety/acro dance; and in runway casual, swimwear,
pageant formal, and photo model.

My costumes for the "James Bond" jazz and "Zambulu" ethnic dances.
Zambulu won me a bronze medal.

My runway casual costume, with which I received my first gold medal.


I competed in the 8-10 years division in ballet, jazz, tap,
runway casual, swimwear, pageant formal and photo model.

My ballet routine to "Garland" earned me my second gold medal.

Jazz was done to "Miami" by Will Smith, capturing a silver medal.

Tapping to a number titled "Jada", I received the bronze medal.

My runway casual wasn't all that casual...

In the formal event I answered a question about my state, Alaska.


I entered the 11-12 years division in ballet, tap, lyrical
and jazz dance competitions,
as well as runway, photo, swimwear and formal modeling events.

My routine was to "The Waltzing Cat", for which I received the silver medal.

In the cat outfit, taken just before I went on.

"Zoot Suit Riot" brought in another silver.

The video clip...

My lyrical, done to "Smooth" by Santana, brought a silver.
My mom and I choreographed this together...
she's a devoted fan of Carlos Santana. See it.

I received a silver for my "Mortal Kombat" jazz.
Pretty energetic... (Click here to take a look)

It's been an exciting four years. If I attend the 2002 event, I'll have more photos and/or clips to add to these.
Thanks for visiting!

Photos and clip of the 1997 and 1998 competitions were captured from videos taken by Southwest Video Services, 7095 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 104-514, Hollywood, CA 90028. 1 (800) 753-2468

Photos and clips from the 1999 and 2000 competitions were from videos taken by Take 2 Video Productions, 2800 S. Kelly, Suite H, Edmond, OK. (405) 844-1055

All other photos were taken by Connie Tonsgard.
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