Meet my grandparents on Papa's side,
William Royal Tonsgard, Sr.
and Jeane Marie (Boddy) Tonsgard

Meet my granddad on my mom's side,
Conan Doyle McFadden

From left to right are Papa, Both my parents, and my Mom.

Papa helps me shoot my pistol; Papa at the logging show in the horizontal chopping competition.

Papa in the process of winning
the power saw bucking competition at the logging show.


Jeff is my oldest (half) brother. He and his wife, Bobbi, live in Oregon.
They have one child, Andrea Grace Beck. Bobbi is a teacher,
and Jeff works for Agilent Technologies. He's pretty much a brain.


Annabelle lives in Juneau with her five children
and works for Channel Construction, Inc. as a welder.

Here she is with new baby Ruby Belladonna in 1995.

This photo was taken out at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor's Center. From left are Lane, Annabelle holding Macky, Ruby and Buster.

Tigerlily is the latest addition to Annabelle's family.
"Nana" (grandma) bought her a talking pig backpack for her 2nd birthday and she wouldn't let it out of her sight.

Tiger at Lena Beach.


The first photo was taken out Montana Creek Road by Skater's Cabin;
the second one was taken on a trail by Mendenhall Glacier.

Gloriana lives in Juneau.
She is a certified welder for Channel Construction, Inc.

Gloriana and Annabelle recently, on a lunch break.


Will is two years older than me. Here he is with his first Golden Retriever, Maxwell Smart; Shooting his pistol at a gravel pit.

This is Maxwell Smart II . There are four balls in his mouth--one is hidden inside.

Will was in Civil Air Patrol for four years. That's him, on the left.

2005-2006 wll be Will's 4th year in football.
We celebrated the win over Chugiak that night which kept the Crimson Bears
in the playoff games.


Annabelle and Gloriana when small; Annabelle with Papa at Auke Rec; Gloriana at Central Park in New York City several years ago.

Mom's "professional" picture of Will; Mom horseback riding in Oklahoma; Will (in purple belt) participating in a karate demonstration at Foodland. He's a brown belt now.

Taken at Six Flags in Los Angeles.

Mom's "professional" picture of me at 18 months; Beside the water slide in Cabo San Lucas; Will, Annie, Lane and I after soccer.

Mom always made me pouffy dresses.

Annie and Glory painted Clinton and Gore on the windows of an old junked bus; Annie, Glory and me at Sandy Beach; Will all dressed up for chapel day at Juneau Christian School.

Mom beside a fantastic jaguar beaded by the Huichol Indians of the Sierra Madre; I bought a Jaguar head in Puerto Vallarta.

This was taken on a boat trip we took in Puerto Vallarta, but Mom fixed the background so it looks like Popeye, Papa's favorite cartoon character.

Papa and Will made a dinosaur snowman; Will and I on the soccer field.

All Annie & Glory's kids!! Left to right are baby Jezzabelle Rose, Annabelle holding Buster and Macky, Gloriana in the back holding Jasmine, with Yo Yo (hiding), and Nina in front of her, then Ruby and Lane at the end.

Gramma Jeane in Puerto Vallarta.

My dog Gypsy shows off her many hobbies.

Last but not least, Will is dressed up for
a school play in a dino outfit Mom made.

You have been listening to "The Mermaid" by Yanni.

Photographs 2004 by Connie Tonsgard. Violators will be prosecuted.

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