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The "Willows of Southcentral Alaska" has been divided into four sections which may be accessed though the links below. These parts are available to you in PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. We have listed the contents of each part as well as file size for your convenience. (Please note Part III is a very large file)

Part I - Acknowledgements, Contents, Introduction, How to use this guide, and Identification Keys (pages 1-31 of the guide) (PDF file size: 216K)

Part II - Winter descriptions of Willows (pages 32-43 of the guide) (PDF file size: 560K)

Part III - Summer descriptions of Willows (pages 44-97 of the guide) (PDF file size: 1.8MB)

Part IV - Comparison of Female catkins and pistils, Bibliography, Useful information, and Glossary (pages 97-109 of the guide) (PDF file size: 176K)

Contributors - Back cover

The "Willows of Southcentral Alaska" field guide is also available in hard copy. If you would like a copy, you may pick one up at the Kenai Watershed Forum office in the Blazy Mall or give us a call (907) 260-5449 and we will direct you to local agencies and organizations around the state that have copies for distribution. (while supplies last!!)

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