Contact The Dancing Bears


  • Dancing Bears:
    This is for general questions about the Dancing Bears and it's purpose.

  • Dancing Bears Board:
    This is to reach the folks who have their paws on the pulse of the Bears

  • Newsletter Editor:
    This is to contact the Newsletter editor with articles and items you want published in the DB newsletter.

  • Webmeister:
    This is to contact the innovative and creative person behind the Bears' web site.

  • Listserver Manager:
    This will contact the manager for the Dancing Bears' list server for problems and instructions.

  • Projects Committee:
    These are the bears who come up with those wonderful dances and co-ordinate the bands and callers.

  • Memberships:
    The membership bear takes care of keeping the names and addresses of current members organized. She also takes care of the newsletter mailing list and the "save a tree" program.

  • Dance Camp:
    The dance camp committee is always at work to do the impossible: make each years' camp better than the last.

Snail mail:
Dancing Bears
P. O. Box 200366
Anchorage, AK 99520-0366

The Bearphone:
(907) 566-BEAR (2327)

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