Welcome to the Dancing Bears Den Page

The Dancing Bears is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of
traditional music and dance in Alaska.

The Dancing Bears is transiting to a new web site.

This site will be here until the new one is finalized. We have the current newsletter and dance calendar here for January. Check out the new site at: www.thedancingbears.org

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The Dancing Bears Listserver!

The Dancing Bears listserver is for distributing messages about meetings, special announcements, workshops, informal gatherings, and dance and music events of interest to Dancing Bears. If you would like to join the listserver fill in your email address in the box below and click on the "Join Group" button.

Also, please read the Listserver Policies from the link below. Instructions on unsubscribing and email address changes are at the bottom of every Listserver message.

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The Dancing Bears Newcomer Site
and Policies

The Bears, in an effort to make newcomers feel at home, have added this Newcomers site to familiarize you new dancers with what the Bears is all about. Check it out for great info on the Bears and handy articles on dance propriety, what to expect and general info.
Here is a copy of the Dancing Bears Supervision Policy. It is to ensure the supervision of underage attendees at Dancing Bear events.
The purpose of the listserver is to serve DB members in the promotion of dance and music. These guidelines are intended to encourage appropriate targeting of messages and support good listserver etiquette.
This policy is a guide to what is appropriate to include in Dancing Bears' electronic and printed publications.

Let your fingers do the walking and touch-tone the BEAR-phone

The Dancing Bears regular dance season is in full swing (pardon the pun) and our Projects Committee has come up with some great ideas to keep us all Dancing this year. Check out the Dance Calendar for the schedule and The Bearphone will be updated with the latest information- so give us a call. We have a good line up scheduled and we would love to see you there.

(907) 566-BEAR (2327)

Dancing Bear's Callers and Bands

In an effort to share our resources, here is a contact list of the various callers and bands that we use for our dances and events with a description of their music. The list opens in a separate window so you can print it.

Dancing Bear Board Meeting

The Dancing Bears Board generally meets on the first Thursday of each month . They are usually held at the Bear's Den which is John Dickenson's home in the off hours. The meetings begin at 7:00 pm and all current Dancing Bear members are welcome to attend. Please contact board meeting moderator, John Dickenson so he can add you to the agenda; especially if you have a proposal or item to discuss. Call John at 278-JOHN for directions.

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