The Dancing Bears offer our monthly newsletter on this web site. To view the current newsletter with Acrobat Reader, click on this button. When you open the newsletter it opens a new browser page.

Get acrobat reader now You need to view the current newsletter through Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a free plug-in for your Internet browser and is used in many applications. Click on the box to get Acrobat Reader.

Starting in January 2009, Dancing Bears will receive an 8 x 6 inch postcard in the mail each month with the month's schedule of dances, classes and non-Dancing Bear events. The postcard will direct Bears to to read the newsletter online.

You won't miss any "hard copy" items because in addition to viewing the current newsletter, you can print a Dancing Bear join/renewal form from the Membership page. Whenever there are dance workshops or other DB events, there will be a page for them that will have information and if pre-registration is needed there will be a registration page for you to print and send in.

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