This used to be the official web site of Anchorage NORML. But, that chapter no longer exists, because not enough people cared to keep it going. The best thing we ever accomplished continues right here.

None of the information on this web site is presented with the intention that it be used for, or in furtherance of, an activity that constitutes a Federal crime.

We have compiled some interesting articles on a single website regarding industrial hemp, drug testing and hemp as medicine. Also, miscellaneous hemp-related articles, including some related to Alaska, where we live.

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Check them out for drug testing info, latest press releases, and more!

Learn the latest way that the Club of Juneau is trying to infringe on the privacy of hemp users. Link up to the government of Alaska HERE.

To reach Len Karpinski, the keeper of this place, by e-mail, CLICK HERE.

The criminal jury is the fourth "check and balance" in government. It is a powerful tool that we have RIGHT NOW to stop bad laws such as the ones against hemp. Unfortunately, citizens are only starting to re-discover this power to nullify bad laws in individual cases. Explore the FULLY INFORMED JURY ASSOCIATION (FIJA).

Use YAHOO for more hemp-related links around the world.