My friend, Rebecca Troutt, suggested we try out for cheerleading last year. We both made it onto the Junior Varsity Chiefs team . That's me on the far right in the front row. Becca is on the far left in front. Our cheering team dance was to "Who Let The Dogs Out".

The Chiefs Team 2000...I'm on the far left in back.

Becca and I both made the Allstar team and travelled with the team to Hanford, California in October of 2000 where the Chiefs won their games and we returned with trophies and medals! Here we are practicing our cheers on the field in Hanford. I'm closest to the camera in the back row, and Becca's to my left. Our cheer team dance for the Allstars was "Allstar".

Allstar girls on the bus in California

My league trading card

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